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Welcome to our sign-up form. By filling this form out, you can stay in touch with what's happening and let us know how you'd like to be involved. We hope it's self explanatory but if you have any problems, please email us. We'd like to help you and fix any problems.

After you choose how you'd like to be involved, here's what we'll do: 

  • Subscribers - we'll keep you informed periodically by email about events, and our progress.
  • Members (including personal and communal plot gardeners) - we'll get in touch to organise completing your membership and treat you as a subscriber in the meantime.  
Questions that begin with the words "Personal Plot" only apply to people who are interested in a personal plot. If you're not interested, you don't need to fill them in.
Happy form filling!

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Provide us with an email address that we can use to contact you
If you apply for a personal plot you will need to show that this is where you live.
This should be a phone number you're happy for us to reach on
If you're interested in a personal plot, choose the size plot you'd prefer first
If you're interested in a personal plot, choose the size plot you'd prefer next
If you have less than 10 square metres of space at home to garden, your application will be given extra weight.
Those who hold a current Health Care Card will be given preference.
To be able to hold a personal plot, you will need to show you are a resident of Moreland.
Gardens need all kinds of people with all sorts of skills to make them work. We all have skills or knowledge that can help with something along the way.
If you can show you had a plot in 2012, this will give your application additional weight.
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